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My name's Freyja (she-her), I'm 17 and live in Iceland. White. Non-binary. Able bodied, neuro divergent. Anti-truscum. Hella gay (ace). I love candy, bunnies, baby goats and my best friend (fazed-by-facts). I blog alot about MOGAI stuff and sj so if you dislike that leave rn. (also if you dislike social JUSTICE, you're kinda pretty much an a**h*le)
I love you all, cuties (no romo)


fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice, shame on you again for continuing to exploit my sense of trust. trust is not a weakness and should be respected, not taken advantage of.

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its time to tackle the real oppression on this site:
against men who use axe deodorant

Alright. So back in middle school I was warming up for band. And that involves breathing in and stuff.
Well, one of the middle school boys decided it would be a great time to use their Axe body spray.

it is a mans right to use axe body spray you dont have to breathe all the time wtf


I am done with hearing people saying ‘politically correct’ cause no one’s asking you to be ‘politically correct’ whatever the fuck that even means it’s actually just about meeting the bare minimum requirements of being a decent fucking human being now please stop trying to get away with being a disgusting scumbag thanks